Trade-port sp z. o.o. w restrukturyzacji

ul. Francuska 34
40-028 Katowice
tel. +48 32 308 00 00



The TRADE-PORT Company Co.Ltd. is a part of the KZN Bieżanów Group. We specialize in execution of integrated delivery of railway and tramway infrastructure every time on easy terms for our partners and proposing the acceptable prices. The good cooperation as well as a customer satisfaction are our superior aim. All our goods are quality tested and have the up to date certifications or diplomas and convenient admissions required while using on tracks and railway junctions. We invite you kindly to send us your inquiries, to negociate prices and terms of delivery. We invite to sigh the long-term integrated contracts permitting to realize the deliveries according to the projects! The transport is included in the price. We offer the personalized delivery services and spedition. The most of components are produced by the Capital Group.We offer additionally the broad range of presale services.